Per chi non avesse già letto la notizia: finito il tour estivo che li porterà anche in penisola, i francesi Sport si prenderanno una pausa per un tempo non ancora determinato. Questo è il comunicato che hanno rilasciato:
“Hi, I have an important announcement.
We’re starting a european tour in a couple of weeks, finishing as a huge honor at Fluff Fest.
For now, Nak our bass player lives in Germany, we’ve had drummer issues for a while, plus since we’ve recorded Bon Voyage, inspiration seems far from us. We barely practice, and we’re not sure about the future of the band.
In october, we will play some gigs in the States.

I’m writing this to let you know that we’re probably taking a break after these tours, which would mean that those shows might be the last ones in Europe before a while. Maybe we’ll play again, maybe we won’t, but we don’t want to play too much a set which is not really living. If passion and songwriting comes back, we’ll come back. If not, we’ll do some other stuff.
We also hope that those 18 gigs will be a huge exciting party with german Pete on the drums, before saying goodbye.
Nico, Flo and Nak”

Per noi però la festa deve ancora incominciare, quindi:

Trivel Collective


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